Port80 Surveys HTTP Cache Control on the Top 1000 Corporations' Web Sites

This month we'd like to welcome the return of our much awaited Top 1000 Web Servers Survey - - updated from the new 2009 Fortune 1000 list of company Web sites.

2010 Caching Results: HTTP Caching Up Slightly from 2007 Numbers

*Top 1000 HTTP Cache Control Survey, February 2010. Allow 9% variance/error for changes since date data first collected.

This Port80 Top 1000 Cache Control Survey found that 40.5%, or 405 out of 1000, Fortune 1000 Web sites currently use expiration-based cache control to reduce server requests. This leaves 589 sites not utilizing cache control effectively.

Using our online cache check tool we were also able to determine that the:

  • Average number of seconds saved if cached - 0.68 seconds
  • Overall load time saved if cached - 8 minutes
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Seeing an Upward Caching Trend

As you can see from the graph on the right, more and more Web site owners understand the importance of Web caching. Not only does Web caching improve the performance of your Web site, but it will also help to retain your visitors as well.

This increase in managing caching could very well stem from heightened SEO awareness and how site speed can contribute Web ranking to as companies vie for better page rank on the leading search engines.

Level of Caching

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While a good percentage of those researched were shown to have some form of caching enabled, some were doing a better job of it than others.

Our Cache Check tool can give you an idea of the dramatic improvements possible with cache control for either a Fortune 1000 Web site or for your own. And, if you would like a custom analysis of your Web site's cache control policies, we'd be happy to help.

NOTE: Caching levels of the Top 1000 sites surveyed was tested using the following: /tools. Using both www.example.com and example.com naming conventions.