Port80 Surveys the Top 1000 Corporations' Application Servers and Scripting Platforms (July 2007)

Application servers and scripting platforms like ASP.NET, WebLogic, ASP, WebSphere, PHP, ColdFusion, JSP and Perl. These technologies deliver dynamic Web sites, e-commerce, and most Internet-based software applications. Port80 Software launched the industry's first survey of application servers and scripting platforms used on the main corporate Web sites of the Fortune 1000 in May 2005.

July 2007 marks the third update of the survey, which is now based on the 2007 list of Fortune 1000 companies (read the related press release). Review our current survey results, analyze your own site's application servers, or look up a Top 1000 Web and app server analysis below:

Microsoft ASP.NET Sites Grow by 7.9% since 2005, and ASP.NET/ASP Still Lead Application Server Technologies Delivering Fortune 1000 Companies' Web Sites

ASP.NET and ASP lead among Fortune 1000 app servers, followed at a distance by Java-based systems -- with ColdFusion and PHP surprisingly low in use.

*Top 1000 Application Servers Survey, July 2007

This survey analyzes HTTP header signatures to determine the presence of an application server or scripting technology, and since some servers are configured with more than one backend (for instance, classic ASP and ASP.NET) and/or have no application server present, the percentages above do not add up to 100%.

However, this survey does discount for duplication within categories. For example, a site running ASP, ASP.NET and WebLogic would be counted in both the Microsoft (ASP, ASP.NET) and Java (WebLogic) Platforms categories, but the site would not be counted twice for the Microsoft Platform, even though it is running ASP and ASP.NET. This method of categorization attempts to give credit for all technologies deployed on a particular Web server while not "over counting" multiple instances of the same technology family.