Guide to Activation, Upgrades, Evaluation and Licensing

Activating and Reactivating Purchased Software

Activation is required for all Port80 products when unlocking a free trial, or when transferring or reinstalling a previously-activated instance.

  • To activate online, you must be connected to the Internet and your network configuration must allow outbound SSL connections. You will be asked to enter your email-of-record and license key in the product's activation wizard.
  • If you cannot activate online due to security restrictions in your network, use the email activation option instead:
    • On the first screen of the product's activation wizard you will find a text link (at the bottom of that screen) or else a radio button allowing you to choose the e-mail activation option.
    • Just as with online activation, the activation wizard will then ask for you email-of-record and license key.
    • Next you will be shown three separate Activation Codes that will need to be copied into an e-mail and sent to, along with your email-of-record and the name of the product to activate.
    • In response, you will receive an Activation Confirmation Code, which you must enter into the space provided on last activation screen to complete the activation. You do not need to leave the activation wizard open while waiting for the Activation Confirmation Code.
  • If you receive an error message during online activation, saying that the connection to Port80 Software was successful but your activation could not be completed, make sure that the license you are trying to activate is not currently (or was not previously) activated on another computer.
  • To reactivate a previously-activated product in order to transfer it from one server to another, or to reinstall it on the same server, you must submit a reactivation request; your license will be available for reactivation within 24 hours.
  • Note: Port80 Software does not provide access to installers for major versions prior to the current-shipping version. Please retain your installers in order to reinstall and reactivate legacy major versions.

How Port80 Identifies Your Computer

  • During activation, a Port80 product creates a unique hardware identifier that represents the computer's configuration at the time of activation.
  • The hardware identifier does not include any personal information, information about software or data on your computer, or information about the specific make or model of your computer.
  • The activation technology in the product can detect and tolerate changes to your computer configuration and minor upgrades will not require re-activation.
  • If you replace your hardware, you may be required to activate the product again.

When activating, the following is transmitted to Port80:

  • The hardware identifier
  • An activation request code
  • The product serial number and license key
  • The name, version, and language of the product and operating system. This anonymous information is used to generate a valid license for your product.

Upgrade Policy and Procedures

Port80 Products have the following version number scheme:


In this scheme, build number changes are reserved for bug fix builds, minor version changes usually indicate the addition of one or two new features, and major version changes represent entire new feature sets and/or new platform support. Only major version upgrades require the purchase of an upgrade prior to reactivation, and this purchase is heavily discounted:

  • Bug fix builds (e.g., version 3.8.0 to version 3.8.1) are free.
  • Minor version upgrades (e.g. version 3.8.9 to version 3.9.0) are free to current paid Support Plan holders.
  • Major version upgrades (e.g. version 3.9.9 to version 4.0.0) require an upgrade fee equivalent of just 35% of the full purchase price of a new product license.

Major Version Upgrade Procedure:

  1. Request your 65% Upgrade Discount.
  2. After you have contacted Port80 and received a discount code, use your discount code to purchase the upgrade in the Port80 Store.
  3. Download the latest version of the software.
  4. Uninstall the currently-installed version.
  5. Perform a fresh install of the new version.
  6. Reactivate the software.

Upgrade Procedure for All Other Versions:

  1. Download the latest version of the software.
  2. Request a reactivation.
    (During which time we will validate your support plan status.)
  3. Uninstall the currently-installed version.
  4. Perform a fresh install of the new version.
  5. Reactivate the software.

NOTE: For information on LinkDeny IP address database upgrades, please review the documentation for more information on options, pricing, and deployment.

Free Trial Downloads

All Port80 Software products have a free, 30-day trial period. To continue using the product after the trial period requires a license key and a quick online activation process.

Most tools offer complete functionality in trial mode, and we encourage you to use the Port80 evaluation tools before placing an order.

Port80 Software provides free technical support before and after you buy -- most issues that our customers encounter are easy-to fix installation issues.

Need more time to test Port80 Software tools? We can extend your trial for another thirty days to make sure you have time to test on your schedule. Please contact Port80 Software Support for an extension.

Standard Licenses

A standard Port80 Software license covers a single IIS Web server with unlimited domains, virtual servers, or shared sites. A supported version of IIS on a related Windows OS instance -- a virtual OS instance running IIS -- would count for one license as well. Major version upgrades cost 35% of the full price of the product.

Discounts for Volume Orders

Deal Packs include a single standard license of a group of related Port80 Software products, with a 15% discount on each product.

If you are looking to purchase 3 or more standard licenses, please request a quote for a great discount. We will send you a promo code keyed to your e-mail - simply enter your e-mail and the code in the online order form to receive the quoted price.

Assisted Evaluation for Volume Orders

If you are planning on purchasing a volume order, Port80 Software is happy to provide special assistance with your evaluation:

  • Pre-deployment: Establish contacts for business and technical issues, review installation environment, secure network access for Port80 Support team (if necessary)
  • Deployment: At your convenience, Port80 Support will actively monitor and verify installation, review features and diagnostic tools, and help with acceptance testing
  • Post-deployment: 10 days prior to the end of evaluation, Port80 Support will review any open issues arising from acceptance testing, examine logs to verify that no hidden issues have been missed, and provide licensing assistance

Please contact Port80 Software Support to learn more about an assisted evaluation.

Do you still have questions? Please contact Port80 Software today!

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