ServerMask Releases

Changes in version 5.0.2 (10/2011):

  1. Fixed stability issue on Server 2008.

Changes in version 5.0.1 (9/2011):

  1. Fixed issue with lower bound of IP range in IP Exceptions list.

Changes in version 5.0.0 (8/2011):

  1. Server 2008 (IIS 7) and 2008 R2 (IIS 7.5) compatibility.
  2. Support for mixed-mode application pools (32-bit and 64-bit).
  3. Support for native IIS 7.x user interface APIs.

Changes in version 4.1.2 (12/2009):

  1. Resolved certain installer issues regarding required runtimes.

Changes in version 4.1.0 (1/2009):

  1. Improved handling for non-conforming HTTP requests.
  2. Version-independent solution to prevent private IP disclosure in Content-Location header.
  3. Fixed various installer and activation issues.

Changes in version 4.0.0 (12/2008):

  1. Application layer error suppression
  2. Customizable HTTP error messages
  3. One-to-many cookie masking
  4. Decoy session cookies
  5. Auto-generation of masked and decoy cookies
  6. Enhanced ETag format emulation
  7. Arbitrary decoy HTTP headers
  8. IP address white listing
  9. Multiple default profiles
  10. Custom profiles
  11. Per-site configuration
  12. 64-bit support
  13. Managed code user interface
  14. New installation system
  15. Removal of deprecated features

Changes in version 3.0.5 (10/2008):

  1. Updated diagnostics with new version of dbghelp.dll.

Changes in version 3.0 (11/2006):

  1. Redesigned GUI with new Settings Manager and removed MMC snap-in tab from IIS (launch from Start Menu > Programs > Port80 > ServerMask > ServerMask Settings Manager).
  2. Added feature to import/export ServerMask settings from one server to another.
  3. Added feature to support serving with no file extensions in requests.
  4. Added new freeware command line tool (StripExt.exe) to remove file extension references globally from source code.
  5. Added feature to support internal IP address masking in the Content-Location header.
  6. Added feature to support ETag format masking.
  7. Added multiple features to support ALLOW header, 404 and other response code format and messaging, and header order masking and or emulation (see "Advanced Masking" tab).
  8. Updated and added new Server name mask default options, including a new feature to adjust the interval of requests between the automatic rotations of non-IIS Server name headers.
  9. Updated and added new Cookie mask default options.
  10. Updated and added new Remove Header default options.
  11. Added additional masking options for SMTP, POP, and IMAP connection and disconnection banners.
  12. Restructured documentation based on new GUI design.

Changes in version 2.2 (3/2004):

  1. Added support for IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET.
  2. Added feature to remove any additional header that might be used to determine a server's identity.
  3. Added support for FrontPage server extensions.

Changes in version 2.1 (5/2003):

  1. Minor enhancements for interoperability with new Port80 Software IIS server modules.

Changes in version 2.0 (10/2002):

  1. Added Apache header order emulation.
  2. Added session cookie masking.
  3. Added WebDAV disablement for Win2K systems.
  4. Added SMTP banner masking for default SMTP service.
  5. Integrated help files.
  6. Streamlined Checksnapin utility.
  7. Streamlined try/buy mechanism.
  8. Added Public header removal.

Changes in version 1.2 (8/2002):

  1. Added stand-alone dialog for administering ServerMask without launching MMC.
  2. Replaced automatic Snap-in verification utility and added start menu shortcut.

Changes in version 1.1.1 (8/2002):

  1. Fixed install bug on NT 4.0 (creating technical support shortcut).

Changes in version 1.1.0 (8/2002):

  1. Added Port80 Program Files directory and ServerMask subdirectory for all non-DLL files.
  2. Added Start Menu shortcuts.
  3. Renamed ReadMe and MMC property sheet help files.
  4. Added HTML version of ReadMe file.
  5. Removed automatic Snap-in verification utility.
  6. Added enable/disable control to MMC property sheet.

Initial release 1.0 (6/2002)

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