Obscure Headers, Cookies, & Error Messages

Remove Unnecessary HTTP Header & Response Data

Broadcasting your Web server's identity allows intruders to complete their first task -- fingerprinting your technology. ServerMask removes unnecessary HTTP header and response data and camouflages your server by providing false signatures.

Eliminate File Extensions

File extensions like .asp or .aspx are clear indicators that a site is running on a Microsoft server. ServerMask lets you eliminate the need to serve file extensions.

Contribute to PCI Compliance

ServerMask provides application-layer error suppression for PCI compliance.

Prevent Hacker Reconnaissance

Improve security by keeping hackers from learning about your server and web apps.

Improved Controls

Control what you display publicly: headers, cookies, file extensions, error pages, and emulate other servers.

Industries We Speed

We provide tools for:

  • Ecommerce
  • Tech
  • Healthcare
  • & More...

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