Advanced Access Controls for IIS

Control Your Site's Access. Secure Your Site from Leeching

LinkDeny provides full control of site requests and responses, allowing you to prevent hotlinking and stop bandwidth theft.

Access management puts you in control of your site with the ability to: Redirect request to a specific URL on your site or any site, replace response with a specific file (image, HTML, etc.), and replace response with 404 HTTP server error message.

Dynamic Access Management

The flexible, rules-based system allows you to use a wide variety of criteria to deny access to content resources.

GeoIP Database

Block country-level and targeted site attacks with LinkDeny's GeoIP database.

Hassle-free Integration

An XML-formatted rules engine makes integration of LinkDeny into existing systems hassle-free.

  Industries We Secure

Port80 provides security for a variety of industries:

  • Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • & More...

Easily Control Access

Control access to proprietary, paid, or copyrighted Web site content and help reduce affiliate fraud by ensuring legitimate referrals; ensure your bandwidth is available only to your users.

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