HTTP compression solves Microsoft IIS Web server performance issues by sending less data to the browser in every response, speeding up applications while reducing bandwidth.

Are you experiencing any of these performance concerns?

  • Web site or Web-based application is too slow
  • Pages are timing out
  • Peak traffic times are a stability concern
  • Customer conversion and retention rates are dropping
  • Application scalability, throughput, and availability
  • Rising bandwidth costs

Specific Solutions to HTTP Compression Issues

E-commerce Sites

httpZip addresses one of the most common handicaps of an e-commerce Web site: slow page download times that can quickly lead to user abandonment. According to Jakob Nielsen, a renowned Web user experience expert, slow download time was the largest Web design mistake for the top 10 corporations, the 10 most popular Web sites, and 84% of sites he recently reviewed.

Page download time (consumed by the target file accessed via a URL and all dependent graphic and text files that have to be downloaded for that page to render in a browser) is so critical because user frustration exponentially mounts as the time to load drags on. Andy King, a leading Web performance guru well-known in SEO circles, recommends that your pages load in under 8.6 seconds.

With 60% of Internet consumers using dial-up and other bandwidth-constrained connections (broadband congestion happens), don't let slow page load kill an online sale - leverage HTTP compression with httpZip and cut bandwidth costs at the same time.

Web-based Applications

The line continues to blur between the desktop and the Internet. People want to check corporate e-mail (i.e.Outlook Web Access) from anywhere; companies are increasingly managing vital business processes via Web-based interfaces.

If you have an application, intranet, extranet, or similar portal on a Microsoft IIS Web server, the speed and user experience issues that affect e-commerce customers also apply to the internal customers: the employees. If your new ASP.NET Web-based scheduling app is too slow, schedules may not be updated on time; data-intensive CRM or SFA apps may be great for your sales force, but if it is clogging their dial-up connection, it won't get used..

Quite simply, effective HTTP compression can help your employees do their jobs more efficiently, regardless of whether they are down the hall or on the other side of the globe. httpZip is a great, low-cost acceleration solution for the vast majority of Web-enabled application environments.

Web-based Software Companies

If your company develops Web-based software, you obviously value the performance of your application -- and so do your customers. httpZip will accelerate the Web delivery of your product while minimizing any bandwidth increases your customers may experience when they deploy your solution. Depend on httpZip and also cache control for one client that is having performance problems with your software, or partner with Port80 Software to provide superior IIS performance to every customer.

Hosting Companies (HSP, ASP, ISPs with Hosted Offerings)

You sell online, so if your site is IIS-based, turn on lightning fast page loads and reduce bandwidth costs with httpZip. Smart application of Port80 tools for will allow you to increase shared hosting margins while augmenting server availability.

In a highly competitive market, slashing your bandwidth payloads (including RSS feeds) can give you the advantage you need; speeding up page loads will earn you a reputation for high performance. Include Port80 Software tools as a value-added free offer or with a great discount as Port80 affiliate or reseller.