Port80 Software's advanced IIS compression tool solves bandwidth challenges for global applicant tracking and e-recruiting management solution.


Bernard Hodes Group, a world leader in recruitment communications and staffing solutions, has enjoyed rapid expansion with its ASP-based Hodes iQ software, an online recruiting and backend applicant management system (http://www.hodesiq.com).

With over 250 Fortune 1000 and major organizations relying on the Web-based application to both attract new hires and manage their recruitment process internally, the bandwidth consumption of Hodes iQ began to skyrocket. Bernard Hodes Group searched online for a Microsoft IIS Web server performance solution, downloaded a trial of httpZip for advanced IIS compression, and solved their bandwidth crisis in one day.

Web Server Challenge

When organizations like Harrah's Entertainment, Tektronix, Labcorp, and Pratt & Whitney rely on your Web application, the software must be always-on, available, responsive, and fast. As Hodes iQ served more employee applications and more human resources managers mined databases for ideal candidates, Hodes iQ's six IIS web servers began to reach the limits of their Internet service provider's contract at periods of the day when application use was highest. The next bandwidth level available from their ISP was much higher, but so were the costs (and the problem would shift to extra, unused bandwidth). Adding an expensive, complex acceleration appliance to their network also seemed like overkill, so Bernard Hodes Group IT managers and developers looked for an alternate, cost-effective solution to reduce bandwidth expenditure.

Port80 Solution

In their internal competitive comparison, Bernard Hodes Group found Port80 Software's httpZip to be the best and most widely-recommended solution for IIS origin server HTTP compression. They downloaded a free httpZip trial, and the impact was immediate. Hodes iQ bandwidth utilization was reduced by 50% on the first day, with peak bandwidth levels lowered from near 10 Mbps to 5 Mbps. Dial-up, bandwidth-constrained and even some broadband user connections to the Hodes iQ application also enjoyed a faster time-to-first-byte and increased page load speed with httpZip - which translates into more efficient software and ultimately happier, more effective Hodes iQ job applicants and HR managers. Bernard Hodes Group will save thousands of dollars in bandwidth in the first year alone with httpZip, and the IIS Web server module is now an integral part of their Hodes iQ platform. The company plans on adding httpZip to every new Web server that they deploy in the future.


"It is not often that you are in crisis mode, download a trial off the Internet, plug it in, and immediately go from problem to solution. httpZip got the job done."

Calvin Gorriaran of