CacheRight Release History

Changes in version 4.2.0 (10/2011):

  1. Added full support for mixed-mode (32- and 64-bit) application pools.
  2. Removed dependence on IIS 6 metabase APIs when running under IIS 7.x.
  3. Fixed UAC issue in Settings Manager GUI.
  4. Fixed various memory management issues in filter DLL.

Changes in version 4.1.4 (3/2011):

  1. Fixed issue with file notification mechanism locking files in Web root directory.

Changes in version 4.1.3 (1/2011):

  1. Resolved several stabilty issues.

Changes in version 4.1.1 (10/2010):

  1. Fixed isolated stability issue.

Changes in version 4.1.0 (2/2010):

  1. Improved the rule file mechanism so that the rules now reload automatically following any change to the file.
  2. Improved diagnostic tracing.

Changes in version 4.0.3 (12/2009):

  1. Resolved stability issue relating to long ULRs.

Changes in version 4.0.2 (12/2009):

  1. Resolved certain installer issues regarding required runtimes.

Changes in version 4.0.1 (11/2009):

  1. Added support for Server 2008 (IIS 7) and Server 2008 R2 (IIS 7.5).
  2. Added 64-bit support.
  3. Corrected rule precedence issue with ExpiresByPath rules.

Changes in version 3.0.5 (12/2008):

  1. Added EventMessage DLL

Changes in version 3.0.4 (12/2008):

  1. Updated minidump generation mechanism.

Changes in version 3.0.0 (7/2006):

  1. Revised ISAPI filter to leverage server-side performance improvements, including more modularized ISAPI components for better resource utilization on IIS 5 and IIS 6 and better compatibility with httpZip and other third party ISAPI filters.
  2. Added feature and new CacheRight rule type to block particular directories or files from cache control.
  3. Updated Settings Manager with more usable virtual server list, menu bar, new look and feel (eliminated IIS Manager tab).
  4. Added import/export settings feature.
  5. Added default CacheRight settings for newly created sites feature.
  6. Revised documentation and sample rules file.

Changes in version 2.0.2 (12/2004):

  1. Changed the effect of the "immediately" keyword to prevent mishandling of application MIME types such as PDF, Powerpoint and Word by Internet Explorer.
  2. Modified settings reload to work correctly with multiple application pools in IIS 6.0.
  3. Fixed various GUI bugs (virtual server list, MMC tab).

Changes in version 2.0 (6/2004):

  1. Added support for IIS 6.0.
  2. GUI improvements, including access to the rules files from the dialog.

Changes in version 1.5 (2/2004):

  1. Consolidated user interface code.
  2. Fixed multi-threading bug.
  3. Implemented new activation process.

Changes in version 1.4 (12/2003):

  1. Added no-service-restart property reload.
  2. Added ability to use wildcard in ExpiresByType rule selectors.
  3. Fixed problem preventing rules from applying to certain default documents.
  4. Fixed problem preventing ExpiresByType rules from accepting hyphens in selector.

Changes in version 1.3 (1/2003):

  1. Updated license check code to resolve intermittent exception issue.
  2. Fixed problem with content-length header causing browser hang on POST responses.
  3. Added support for application of rules to files in virtual directories.
  4. Added support for application of rules to default/index files.
  5. Modified code paths to improve performance under load.
  6. Removed unused images from Program Files directory.
  7. Removed support for Cold Fusion pages (CF truncates response headers with CR running).
  8. Updated docs with respect to default location of

Changes in version 1.2 (11/2002):

  1. Changed filter installation to global to make metabase bindings more robust.
  2. Fixed metabase enumeration to account for additional boundary conditions such as deleted sites.
  3. Integrated help documentation and added contents file.
  4. Streamlined buy process.
  5. Streamlined checksnapin utility.

Changes in version 1.1 (8/2002):

  1. Added Port80 Program Files directory and CacheRight subdirectory for non-DLL files.
  2. Added Start Menu shortcuts.
  3. Renamed ReadMe and MMC property sheet help files.
  4. Added HTML versions of ReadMe and Getting Started help files.
  5. Added standalone dialog for administering CacheRight without launching MMC.

Initial release 1.0 (8/2002)