Posted: March 8th, 2016
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A recent customer interaction inspired us to share a quick blog post with some confirmed features for ServerDefender 3.0. While the exact release date is still being set, the Port80 Software team would like to share some of the cool features we are baking into the latest version of our web application firewall.

A New, Better ServerDefender WAF

Have you seen the announcement on our homepage? We are working hard to present ServerDefender 3.0 to you this year. Leading up to its release, you may be interested to know about some of the features that will make this version of ServerDefender an exciting upgrade to your WAF efforts.

Module-based architecture replacing ISAPI

We’ve been working to create a more stable, modern API. This should improve compatibility with other third party tools you use for web security and hosting.

New Licensing Model

ServerDefender 3.0 will have a new, virtualization-friendly licensing model. We think some people will upgrade for this feature alone!

Web UI

web Interface
We will also add a much-needed feature: a web user interface. This will offer one-to-many management and rich graphical reporting and visualizations of your security data.

Are You As Excited As We Are?

serverdefender excitement
After hearing about those features, you might be interested to know what the upgrade cost would be. Brace yourself: for good news! We plan to release ServerDefender 3.0 under the standard major version upgrade price. If you’re as pumped to use ServerDefender 3.0 as we are, you can sign up for updates on the product via email. We will drop you a line as soon as more details become available.

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