Securing Azure with ServerDefender VP Web Application Firewall

Posted: July 12th, 2013
Filed under: Web and Application Security

With the growing popularity of cloud platforms such as Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services, the need for a viable cloud security option has increased. Installing and getting started with ServerDefender VP on Microsoft Azure is a simple process that only takes a few steps. If you’re launching a new Azure VM, then you’ll be able to use ServerDefender VP to secure your deployment just as you would with any other virtual or physical instance.

Since ServerDefender VP is a host-based web application firewall, meaning it installs the server, it is able to provide security in the cloud, whereas many hardware web application firewalls would not be able to do so (you can’t really deploy a physical piece of hardware on a virtual cloud server). This makes ServerDefender VP well suited to provide application layer protection on Azure.

Steps to Setting Up ServerDefender VP on Windows Azure

You can get ServerDefender VP up and running in just a few steps:

1) Launch a VM in the Azure console.

2) Connect to the VM and open up Server Manager. Here, you will need to install the IIS server role, as well as both ISAPI Filter and ISAPI Extension roles in order to install ServerDefender VP.

3) Once installation has completed, open up a web browser and visit and download the appropriate version.


4) Run the installer to completion.

5) Start using ServerDefender VP!

It’s as simple as that. With ServerDefender VP running on your Azure VM you can begin to configure it to provide the security you need to protect your apps.

Be sure to download the free trial of ServerDefender VP and check out the documentation for information on how to get started and configure its security policies. If you have questions about getting started with ServerDefender VP on Azure, contact one of our security experts today.


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