How Popular are Microsoft IIS Servers Around the World?

Posted: July 30th, 2012
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Microsoft’s IIS web servers have been among the most popular in the world for years, historically battling Apache, and the increasingly popular nginx, for supremacy. IIS remains strong in many market segments throughout the world, and with data gathered by W3Tech, we’ve compiled some breakdowns of IIS use around the world. Numbers are a representation of IIS use per top-level domain (TLD).

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Below is an enlarged view of European IIS usage. This bar graph is in order of IIS popularity among top level European domains.

[include file=”euro_iis.html”]


Below, IIS usage is broken down by generic top-level domains. This area is strong with governmental domains like .gov and .mil, which were both over 50% for IIS usage. IIS also proves popular with educational organization, accounting for nearly half of all .edu domains.

[include file=”generic_iis.html”]

While IIS was reportedly passed by nginx for overall popularity earlier this year, it maintains a strong hold in several countries and industries, especially at the governmental level. This should be no surprise because as we have seen IIS remains popular within many corporations in the Fortune 1000.

What do you think IIS’s future holds? Let us know in the comments below.

Data source: W3Techs

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