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Posted: July 2nd, 2012
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As developers of Microsoft IIS performance and security tools, we frequently seek out resources dedicated to IIS. Sure, the Web is full of blogs, articles, and forums touching on IIS, but finding the best of the best can be a bit tricky. So, rather than have you scour Google results for quality resources, we’ve put together a list of some of the most useful IIS sites and resources from around the Web.

6. Scott Forsyth’s Blog

What’s good about it? Scott Forsyth has worked (up until recently) for two companies  in web hosting, and it shows in his blog.  Scott’s blog features many useful technical pieces on IIS, ASP.NET, and Webfarms.  IIS specific posts include troubleshooting guides, video tutorials, and IIS news.

Read Scott’s blog.

5. dotnetslackers.com – Mastering IIS

What’s good about it?  Videos.  Lots of videos.  46 to be precise, and all of them have been created help you master IIS and Web technology.  These ~10-20 minute videos provide tutorials and guides for topics such as securing IIS, setting up IIS shared configuration,  and IIS FTP.  Though these videos are created by Scott Forsyth, this site acts as an organized location for this series of videos.

Watch lots of IIS videos.

4. Steve Evans Site

What’s good about it?  Steve Evans is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who has worked in IT for over 12 years.  Steve’s site features a number of slidedecks and video presentations on IIS, like “IIS 7.5 for IT Pros” and “IIS for Developers.”

Learn from the MVP.

3. IIS Answers

What’s good about it?  IIS Answers is an IIS exclusive Q&A board, though one that is limited in its usability due to its lack of a search feature.  While there are much much more robust and user-friendly forums out there, this one is exclusive to IIS, so – if you look carefully – you may be able to find an answer to a question you have or, if you ask a new question, have it answered by a member of the community.

2. ServerFault

What’s good about it?  Serverfault has a large community and a robust tagging and voting system.  With tagged posts, IIS relevant questions are easy to find and answer.  IIS and Windows Server rank among the most tagged questions, so there is plenty of useful info for IIS users – and active users to provide answers if you have new questions.

Find IIS questions and answers.

1. IIS.net

What’s good about it?  This is the home of IIS.  The forums are rich with IIS users with varied levels of expertise, there is a massive supply of blog posts from IIS team, and community-built tools available for download.  Not to mention the resource center, which contains documentation from Microsoft on all things IIS: planning IIS architecture, installing and configuring IIS,  deploying websites on IIS, and much more.  Think of this as the encyclopedia of IIS.

Explore the home of IIS.

Not enough resources?  Well, there’s always our blog [200 OK] where you can find IIS specific pieces as well as pieces touching on the broader worlds of information security and Web performance.  

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