Pouring Cache Flavored Candy

Posted: March 16th, 2010
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Sometimes visualizing how cache works can be difficult for some, here’s an illustration that may help.

Cache Control : The Hourglass Illustration

For this illustration you will need to visualize the path from your server to your client’s computer via the internet as a large hourglass. Data needs to be sent back & forth through the hourglass constantly. Pouring 1 lb. of M&Ms through, and back and forth, takes a long time. But, assume that brown M&Ms are unchanging, while red, green, etc. may change flavor. If you can leave all the brown ones on the browser side – drain them from the hourglass – then the remaining ½ lb. of other colors can be sent back and forth much more quickly.

In the case of Cache-related headers: Creating specific rules for how long each colored M&M can be kept on the browser side – brown ones never change, green ones change every week, red ones change daily – means even fewer must be poured back and forth.

A product like Port80’s CacheRight, a Windows IIS performance tool, can help you to control your cache, save time, and retain your visitors. (M&Ms not included however)

Want even more information on Cache Control? Vist our site for an in-depth explanation.


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