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Posted: December 15th, 2009
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A look back and predictions for the future of internet security and software technology.

Gerhard Eschelbeck of Webroot puts together his list of some of the biggest security trends of 2009, and predictions for what he believes will be ahead in 2010.
Internet Security Trends – A Look Back at 2009, A Look Ahead to 2010

Lloyd Borrett from AVG (AU/NZ) predicts greater criminal activity to steal money, identities and computer resources etc in 2010 using more and more sophisticated techniques. How prepared are you?
Internet Security Predictions for 2010 by Lloyd Borrett, AVG (AU/NZ)

Jim Goldman, of CNBC’s Tech Check, lists his predictions for the 2010 tech market.
Predictions 2010: Technology

Back in January of 2009, Tim Berry of Small Business Trends magazine guessed at which would be the top 10 trends in software publishing for 2009.
Top 10 Software Publishing Trends for 2009

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