Prognostications Galore: Web 3.0 and the Rise of an Interplanetary Internet

Posted: October 22nd, 2007
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We are all for futurism here at Port80. 

It is important to look ahead to what is coming, and make dreams become reality.  So, when Vint Cerf says we will have an Internet capability in space by 2010, it worth noticing…  This type of vision makes sense, given the success and number of unmanned, robotic experiments taking place in our solar system right now.  Pretty cool stuff:
But, when we start to hear Web 3.0, we have to laugh.  Ask 10 smart folks in our industry about Web 2.0, and you are liable to have 10 different definitions.  It is less than a decade since the golden days of the Dot Com MOAB, but with all the real work we have to do serve complex Web apps today, do we need more snake oil sales blabber?:

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