Replace GIFs with PNGs for Image Serving Performance

Posted: April 3rd, 2007
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Andy King over at has developed a pretty convincing case for why the use of PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images over GIFs to boost Web site performance.  They maintain the clarity of GIFs with smaller file sizes and have a number of other benefits.  Check out Andy’s complete analysis:

One other benefit of PNG files is that they can be HTTP compressed (or compressed further) as well at the Web server with none of the issues with associated with larger file sizes when you try to compress a GIF or JPEG.  Given browser issues, we have revised httpZip’s default settings to include compression of PNG responses for Internet Explorer 7 clients…  they can handle compression flawlessly for PNGs, per our testing at Port80 Labs.  Bitmaps have also always been good HTTP compression candidates…

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One Comment on “Replace GIFs with PNGs for Image Serving Performance”

  • I have a TREO 755P phone, and I have been reading about these Portable Network Graphics images. I was wondering does this phone have this technology? The images load pretty fast,but the still are not what I would like them to be since I take photos of homes all of the time it would be nice to have it work a little faster. Thank you for you opinion.

    Posted by: Atlanta Realtor at 2:18 pm on February 23rd, 2008