John McCain Gets “Link Denied”!

Posted: March 28th, 2007
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Well, we exaggerate just a little… Presidential hopeful John McCain didn’t purchase a copy of Port80 Software’s LinkDeny product, but he did encounter firsthand what leeching and anti-leeching is all about this week. 

Mr. McCain (or more likely his staffers) attempted to reach out to the Internet youth of the country by setting up a MySpace page for the candidate.  They decided to use one of the many templates provided by other MySpacers to make his page cool (or is that kewl)? 

No matter.  What McCain’s team didn’t do was to set up the borrowed MySpace template properly or with the proper credit to the MySpace template’s creator (thanks to Mike at for educating the masses while he link denied McCain!:  Instead of copying files used in the template to one of McCain’s own servers, his people linked directly to the files on the MySpace template creator’s site.  Whoops.  Now, at that point, all of Mr. McCain’s new MySpace friends began leeching bandwidth from the template creator’s site. Eventually, the designer figured out what is going on and decided to make an example out of the politician by changing some “straight talk” into some “straight egg on the face” by modifying the images that were being leeched, hotlinked, etc. by McCain’s new MySpace page.  For more details, check out

The basic replacement was similar to how LinkDeny works: the offended MySpace template designer simply sent a different image to people who directly hotlinked to his server via McCain’s MySpace page (no laws broken here is right: your images are your images, even if they change when someone is borrowing or stealing them). 

If you understand this, you know that John McCain really didn’t get “HACKED” here… McCain himself was really “LEECHING” or “HOTLINKING” — and he got caught with his hand in the bandwidth cookie jar… naughty, naughty, Mr. Senator.  Anyway, in honor of Mr. John McCain’s likely non-purposeful gaffe, Port80 is offering deep discounts to both the DNC and RNC for LinkDeny site licenses… just in time for the political season. 

We are non-partisan here at Port80 Software, except when it comes to Web servers!

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