IT Cheat Sheets collection (and Happy 2007)

Posted: January 25th, 2007
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Hello folks,

We have been out of commission on the 200 OK blog for a few weeks during the holidays…  and while we were preparing LinkDeny for advanced IIS anti-leeching (don’t be stealin’ my bandwidth) and access control (imagine a bouncer at the Web site/app layer way tougher than that guy at Studio 54).  This new IIS security tool has been baking for a few years, and at a San Diego Windows Server 2003 User Group meeting last week, we got some excellent feedback from So Cal’s finest admins:  They loved the idea of blocking hacker requests and bots, controlling traffic, and protecting site content with a one simple-to-use tool.  Check out LinkDeny this week or early next.

Oh, we almost forgot — here is a comprehensive list of IT cheat sheets from — they did some good Googling to come up with these tips from twisted pair cable systems Cliff’s Notes to character entities.  Enjoy!

Finally, we hope that you had an excellent holiday season (if you had the time to enjoy it!), and we look forward to working with you on Microsoft IIS and HTTP solutions in Lucky Number 2007.


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