New httpZip 3.7 with PDF and PNG Compression, Ajax Tweaks, and More Speed

Posted: November 30th, 2006
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We have been finishing up work on the last update to httpZip for this year — version 3.7 — and the new httpZip advanced IIS compression software is now available for full download and for patching.

What’s New in httpZip 3.7?

1. Added default support for PDF (learn more) and PNG (learn more) file compression.
2. Added optimization to handle small and large Ajax files for better performance.
3. Added compatibility with the Windows Server 2003/IIS 6 kernel-mode cache (ISAPI filter will not interfere with kernel-mode cache operation).
4. Fixed various HTML-based reporting bugs.
5. Enhanced core ISAPI code for improved efficiency in CPU utilization and memory management.

You, our favorite users out there, have been requesting PDF and image compression, and we are happy to now support PDF and limited PNG compression – there should be very safe to deploy (but will only show up in a full install – the patch will keep your former httpZip settings as is).  If you like, you can try to add “jpeg” to the image MIME to compress, but out research shows that these usually get larger with HTTP compression (as do GIF files for sure, so test JPEG compression first before deployment).

We had some issues with small and large Ajax files and compression in previous httpZip versions – 3.7 resolves these issues.

In the past, if you were using IIS 6’ kernel-mode cache, httpZip would subvert this feature.  httpZip has been modified to be kernel-cache friendly, which should be a speed gain for those using kernel-mode caching on Windows Server 2003.

Finally, we cleaned up a few bugs.  Let us know what you think, and please do try to stop IIS before installing or patching.  The InstallCheck tool is good to have around as well during your installation. 

Where can we help with IIS compression and httpZip?  We look forward to your comments, and we hope to release a few more HTTP compression surprises in 2007…

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