What Our Customers Have to Say:

  • "Recently we installed httpZip and CacheRight on a new product launch and we are constantly receiving comments about how fast our site is. We optimize our site for baseline performance by using the best product architectures possible, but Port80Software helps us optimize for that last mile to our end users. When starting a new project, I write in budget line items for httpZip and CacheRight before writing a line of code."

    Alan Neveu, CTO, Certify.com

  • "Port80 has some awesome products; the support and service we have received from Port80 has been far superior to that of most companies we have dealt with."

    Rick Klinge, CIO, Famhost

  • "Your products are great and only rivaled by your superb customer service. Thanks again for your help."

    Jon W. Hall, Winston Industries

  • "I appreciate all your help, and want you to know that I thought your customer service was exceptional, and that I'll definitely recommend your products to my peers. Keep up the excellent work."

    - Sam @ a federal contractor

  • "In talking to [our developer], he has indicated how nice it has been to work with your company in getting the httpZip product functional at one of our vendor sites. I appreciate the great customer service that you provide for your products.

    The httpZip product has been a success for us. We have gained significant increases in response time without increasing our network bandwidth. Thanks for your help in our success.

    - Greg @ a leading national bank

  • "I have been a proponent of your company and products ever since I found your site and first purchased httpZip. Not only are your products excellent, your customer service is absolutely outstanding, which is sadly lacking in a lot of today's tech companies. I have also learned a lot about optimizing content delivery from the articles you publish on your website.

    I will definitely be speaking highly of Port80 wherever and whenever anyone will listen!"

    - James @ an Australian travel resort company

  • "We have been using... httpZip for a couple of years now for our web-based ERP system. This has worked to great satisfaction of both ourselves and our customers – as you can imagine, our interface consists primarily of fairly large HTML lists and tables, which obviously lend themselves extremely well to compression. In short, our product wouldn't be the same without httpZip."

    - Christian @ a software company

  • "I would however recommend httpZip from port80Software. It is much more efficient than the compression available in IIS 5.0"

    - Kristofer, a Microsoft IIS MVP

  • "Your team has done a great job, and I congratulate you. You've delivered the functionality we need on time and on budget, and you've help us with a very tricky technical issue. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to your team of experts."

    - David @ a top 5 global software company

  • "We have both CacheRight and httpZip in production now, and they are working very nicely."

    - Anne @ a major airline's site

  • "I'm very impressed with the software and the support. It's nice to know there are still companies like this alive and well. We're sold so now I have to show the gains to the owner and we should be license holders. :)"

    - Bill @ a hosting service provider

  • "We would like to thank you for this software; we are saving a ton of bandwidth, we went from 3,500 gig / month to 1050 gig now...

    That is a huge saving for our company."

    - Benoit @ a Canadian company

  • "Thank you so much. It amazes me what great customer service you give to your customers, and I for one really appreciate it."

    - Cynthia @ her personal blog site

  • "We are using both httpZip and ZipEnable from Port80. For our classic ASP app's we average 25-45% bandwidth savings. One of our sites (golfing union of Ireland) has a number of points in the week where the traffic spikes quite heavily (e.g. Monday lunchtime when golfers check their handicaps), and the CPU level does rise, but the benefits of being able to quickly server content to hundreds of users outweigh this.

    For DotNetNuke installs, we've actually got much larger savings, typically 50-65%. I would presume that this is due to that fact that many of the pages contain similar content i.e. same skins on multiple containers. In both cases, we run with the default settings to minimize CPU spiking.

    As for ZipEnable, we only have 1 IIS 6 server. It was very simple to use ZipEnable to configure individual sites, based on their subscription to services. We sell http compression as an optional add-on for sites, so the granular control is very useful. At $80 it was cheaper that spending time configuring metabase entries."

    - Cathal @ a .NET development house

  • "And BTW, great product [re: ServerMask]! It so simple and not feature packed its great! Too many programs out there try to do too much but this is simple and easy to configure."

    - Paul @ an Australian fitness site

  • "Both Port80 [httpZip/ZipEnable] and xcompress are good. For IIS 6, Port80's software has a hook to the CPU to dynamically roll back the degree of compression if the CPU load is above your set limits."

    - Brett Hill, Microsoft IIS MVP @ IIStraining.com

  • "The good news is, today I purchased ZipEnable for IIS6 from Port80Software. This program is a nifty GUI to manage the built-in IIS6 compression capabilities. We're now compressing all content off the site, and things are running 80% faster on average... Maybe we won't need to upgrade for a while now. I'll keep you posted."

    - Community Leader @ Longhornblogs.com

  • "As soon as I heard about ServerMask (from InfoWorld's Brian Livingston, I think), it seemed like a good security addition, so we bought a license for each of our Web servers. Although we have never yet had a break in via a hacked weakness (we stay pretty current with the patches), I like the idea of further muddying the waters with a tool like ServerMask."

    - Hal @ an Internet-based educational software company

  • "[ZipEnable]'s really a "set it and forget it" type product. Ron Popeil would be proud. I can't imagine how high our bandwidth bills would have been during the Vikings playoff run (if you want to call it that) without compression... Anyway, pass on my compliments to the blog team as well. It's one of my favorites to read every day."

    - John @ a Web development company

  • "I was blown away at how much faster the site was after [httpZip] was setup."

    - Richard @ a technology consultancy

  • "Wow! Real support, real explanations - well done, a first from any software provider I have ever dealt with. Thank you!"

    - Mark @ a full service Web development agency

  • "I am so glad I ran into you guys.

    [Our] traffic just keeps growing and growing month after month. Almost as soon as we tweak something to push it out faster, more traffic arrives to slow it down again.

    If it wasn't for Port80 I would have to be learning how to cluster by now. ;)"

    - Jim @ an Australian hosting provider

  • "Just thought I would email you about the success with using the httpZip product.

    Prior to using your product a 1mb+ file was downloaded by every client accessing our web job management system. This was causing a massive problem for our 6 remote offices that shared a 2mb connection to the central network and I spent the majority of my time telling people how to work around this problem or listening to users complaining.

    Thanks to your product this is compressed by around 70-75% (its currently 73.62%) and has resolved the problems with remote offices accessing our web application.

    This is with enabling compression and we haven't enabled any caching or optional compression yet. Thanks again."

    - Adam @ an engineering and design firm

  • "We are currently using ZipEnable on our IIS6 web server - I'm very pleased with it!

    I'm also impressed by the level of customer service I've encountered from Port 80 in the past, and also your interesting newsletters.

    Keep up the good work."

    - James @ a collectibles e-commerce site

  • "Port80 Software's ServerMask is clearly the best solution yet produced for managing IIS HTTP headers."

    - Brett Hill, Microsoft IIS MVP @ IIStraining.com

  • From a customer who thought compression was just not fast enough:

    "We put CacheRight on the box and now it's blazingly fast!"

    - Jonathan @ an educational software and services company

  • "I am very happy with the performance of ZipEnable... it has provided a large performance boost to for one of my clients."

    - Thomas @ a Web development firm

  • "I did a final test, uploading a very large CFM file of 200k of text, and it comes almost instantly rather than over seconds for such a large file."

    - Andrew @ an Australian software company

  • Before httpZip: "First impressions of httpZip - Excellent. We've been experiencing a big problem with a particular site written in ASP.NET/VB.NET - It's a complicated site, and rendered files were running in at over 100k, so the whole site was running very slowly. After checking that our code was running as fast as possible, we installed httpZip, and were staggered by the results."

    After httpZip: "Our development team is really impressed with httpZip. A quick, simple installation lead to instantly noticeable results with just the default settings, and I'm confident we can squeeze even more speed out of the advanced properties. We're getting speed increases of at least 3.5x, which is incredible; I wish we'd discovered httpZip a couple of years ago."

    - Paul @ an Internet software development company

  • "We recently installed Windows 2003 in order to take advantage of the security and compression capabilities of IIS 6.0. Petpages is primarily a free website for pet lovers and we cannot afford the high level bandwidth that the site is currently demanding. Petpages receives an average of 307,000 hits a day, on the busiest days we are receiving nearly 500,000 hits a day. The most popular section of Petpages is our Pet Ads, which lists thousands of current ads along with tens of thousands of photos, currently we are storing 30,000 photos for active ads. Due to the popularity of this site and our bandwidth restrictions, you can clearly see why IIS 6.0 compression would be a high priority for us. Until we found ZipEnable we were not exactly sure if we were doing all we could to improve our bandwidth consumption for static and dynamic content. We have been using IIS 6.0 with ZipEnable for only a short while, but we have noticed improvements in the delivery of pages. Our pages are being compressed and delivered at a 79% size reduction, this is extremely important for us. Petpages recommends IIS 6.0 and ZipEnable for anyone would wants to get the most out of their bandwidth."

    - Derek L. Babcock @ Petpages.com

  • "I'm surprised httpZip isn't used a lot more than it is, as it saves so much in bandwidth (I typically get 84% reduction on average)."

    - Jonathan @ a UK community site

  • "httpZip has been a huge asset for us. Bandwidth costs are a huge concern when you run a free site with hundreds of thousands of visitors, and httpZip helps keep our costs to a minimum."

    - Rick @ a major online gaming portal

  • "I am finding your code useful on servers where we have multiple sites and some won't run with asp zipped, etc. your code is great at saving time, messing around with metabase.xml... Good luck with an honest, innovative and responsive company/product! Whilst not unique, it is rare!"

    - David @ a Web development agency

  • "[httpZip is a] great product by the way. We looked at a lot of different solutions and yours was definitely the most easily deployed and managed solution providing a significant reduction in bandwidth for a very fair price."

    - Joe @ a custom software development company

  • "Wow, that was lightning fast!"

    - Marco @ a Chilean marketing firm

  • "I wanted to send along a special 'Thank You' for such a great product. I really love ServerMask. It may not have 100 features packed into it, but it does the two or three things I needed it to do REALLY well. Please pass along my compliments to your dev staff. I was quite impressed and purchased it right away."

    - Steve @ an Internet security software company

  • "Great! Netcraft cannot figure out what Web server we are running."

    - Richard @ a Fortune 500 company

  • "ServerMask is a great product. I use it in part of general security & look forward to the new 3.0 release."

    - Jim @ a UK technology portal

  • "I use ServerMask to secure IIS by masking the server header - it has a very good randomize option."

    - Grzegorz @ a European ISP

  • "We are very satisfied with ServerMask."

    - Frank @ a US public utility company

  • "I really like the idea of your ServerMask product - it's a simpler and more comprehensive solution than hex-editing the change yourself in IIS. It's worth every bit... for those serious about their IIS business."

    - Andrew @ a renowned US university

  • "Outstanding... I am most impressed with the attention given to improving the products."

    - Bob @ a US ISP

  • "Thanks for getting this issue tackled for us, I am impressed with your company's support and flexibility."

    - Tony @ a large B2C site

  • "Top marks for support!"

    - Tim @ a retail portal