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Port80 Software believes that partnerships fuel a strong business. In addition to our strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Net-Square, and MaxMind, we offer a variety of partnership opportunities designed to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Review our programs below and then sign up today:

Affiliate Partners Affiliate partners send traffic to a customized landing page on our site where their customers can purchase Port80 tools at a discount. Affiliate partners receive monthly commissions starting at 15% (depending on volume and model, this margin can significantly increase).
Reseller Partners Reseller partners manage their own customer relationships and order Port80 tools for their prospects at our partner extranet or with a special promo code at our Web site. Reseller partners receive margins starting at 15% (depending on volume and model, this margin can significantly increase).
OEM/White Label Partners Companies that offer their own Web-based software or hardware solutions often integrate or embed Port80 tools into their overall offering to enhance security and performance. Currently, Port80 Software is working with CRM and other custom solution vendors to augment the value of their solutions with Port80 tools.
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Port80 Software's Strategic Partners:

Microsoft, Inc.

Port80 Software has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2002 and earned the Microsoft ISV/Software Solutions Competency in July 2004. Membership in the Microsoft Certified Partner Program demonstrates that Port80 Software is committed to providing excellence in emerging technologies and customer solutions for our clients. This worldwide program is reserved for independent companies such as Port80 Software that have proven their ability to provide expert, leading-edge Microsoft-based products to corporate, government and small- or medium-sized businesses.

Port80 Software's products integrate with and enhance the functionality of Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server on a variety of Windows operating systems, platforms, and solutions.


Net-Square Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a privately-owned firm based in Ahmedabad, India since January 2000. At the core, Net-Square are a technology-based security services organization focusing on their client's security, research and development, and intellectual capital to deliver innovative security technologies and leading-edge methodologies. The founders include the co-authors of the book "Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense", Saumil Shah and Shreeraj Shah.

Port80 Software and Net-Square have partnered on Web security technology and services to deliver more value to Microsoft IIS deployments worldwide.


ComponentSource was established in 1995, to ensure Software Developers were supplied with the best software development products the world had to offer. Up until then, inefficiencies imposed by the established, country-based, software distribution channels meant that only a small number of products made it to market.

ComponentSource pioneered the open market for reusable software components and tools, through innovative use of electronic software delivery (ESD). ComponentSource is also an approved Federal Government supplier through the GSA Schedule.

MaxMind LLC

MaxMind is an industry-leading provider of geolocation and online fraud detection tools. MaxMind provides its proprietary geolocation technology through the GeoIP® brand. GeoIP provides businesses with a non-invasive way to determine geographical and other associated information about their Internet visitors in real-time. When a person visits your Web site, GeoIP can determine which country, region, city, postal code, area code the visitor is coming from. GeoIP can be used for delivering customized content, fraud detection, targeted ads, web log statistics, digital rights management, and regulatory compliance.

Port80 Software has integrated the "GeoLite Country" database into our LinkDeny software, a Microsoft IIS Web server module for anti-leeching and content access control. LinkDeny customers can also upgrade to the "GeoIP Country" database (learn more).