Port80 Software Announces ServerDefender VP 2.1 WAF
with Geo-Targeted IP Blocking

Port80 Software, a Microsoft Certified Partner and developer of performance and security tools for IIS, today launched the newest version of its advanced Web application firewall, ServerDefender VP. The update includes security enhancements that will allow users to block IP addresses by geographical location and improvements to the user interface.

ServerDefender VP is an advanced software Web application firewall for Microsoft IIS servers. Now in version 2.1, ServerDefender VP has been in development since 2010.


Geo-targeted IP Blocking

ServerDefender VP's newest feature will allow users to prevent access to users in select countries by blacklisting nations from a drop down menu. Geographically-targeted IP blocking provides added security for organizations that experience repeated attacks from specific nations or heavy amounts of malicious or bot traffic from certain countries. The ability to block traffic by country had previously been available in Port80's anti-leaching software, LinkDeny. Geo-targeted IP blocking can be used as a blacklist or whitelist function.

Informational Threat Severity

ServerDefender VP's LogViewer gains an additional threat severity level called "Informational", which will be used to report threats that have been deemed harmless by the user by way of an exception.

Filter By Severity

ServerDefender VP LogViewer will now allow users to sort logs by severity of attack (e.g. high severity, moderate severity, low severity).


ServerDefender VP 2.1 is available now for $995 per server.

To receive a quote for 3 or more servers please request a quote.