Port80 Software Presents IIS-Enhancing Line of Modules to San Diego Windows 2000 User Group

SAN DIEGO, Calif., - December 19, 2002 — Port80 Software, Inc., an innovative developer of software modules for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), presented its complete line of products to a keen audience of Windows professionals in San Diego today. Director of Product Development at Port80 Software, Joseph Lima, was keynote speaker at the San Diego Windows 2000 User Group's December 2002 meeting.

Joe Lima speaking at San Diego Windows 2000 User Group's December 2002 meeting.

Port80 software modules apply the best of the Apache world and create a safer, faster and more user friendly IIS. Mr. Lima presented IIS-related issues such as server fingerprinting, security counter measures, caching and compression, user experience enhancements, URL cleaning and content negotiation.

"Our products were designed specifically with the Windows admin in mind, to combat known IIS weaknesses," said Joseph Lima, COO of Port80 Software. "Seeing the positive response and the knowledgeable questions from the attendees confirm that Port80 is touching upon a genuine issue in the industry and providing a valuable solution."

Port80 Software IIS products include ServerMask, httpZip, URLSpellCheck, CustomError and CacheRight. The software ranges in price from $29.95 to $299.95 per single server license. More information and free 30 day trial downloads are available at www.port80software.com.