A Cost-Effective Alternative to Appliances:
Port80 Software Web Compression for Microsoft® IIS

SAN DIEGO, Calif., - November 17, 2004 — Port80 Software announces new, affordable HTTP compression solutions for Windows® Web servers, providing Web acceleration, bandwidth savings, and server consolidation to Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)-based Web sites and applications.

Thousands of organizations in over thirty countries rely on Port80 Software's httpZip™ and ZipEnable™ tools for HTTP compression on IIS Web servers. Compared to hardware acceleration appliances, which start at around $30,000, Port80 Software's origin server compression software accelerates IIS-based Web sites and applications for less than $300 per server, making it an ideal solution for all but the largest Web farms.

"HTTP compression is a safe, easy way to speed up Web applications," said Joseph Lima, COO of Port80 Software. "Major sites like Amazon.com and eBay.com depend on Web compression for a competitive advantage by lowering their transfer costs and speeding up their Web servers. E-commerce site owners know that dramatically faster pages lower abandonment rates among customers on dial-up and slower connections. Now, companies with Web-based business apps are discovering that the transparent acceleration from compression leads to more productive remote and LAN employees."

Port80 Software's November 2004 Top 1000 HTTP Compression Survey demonstrates the impact of compression. While only 6% of the Fortune 1000 corporate Web sites leverage HTTP compression currently, those 60 sites averaged 23.5% in bandwidth savings and sped up their home page delivery by 5.19 seconds with HTTP compression.

With the recent launch of httpZip 2.0, Port80 Software offers an ideal HTTP compression solution for every version of IIS. As compression does not exist natively on IIS 4, httpZip provides a performance boost to older Windows NT servers. httpZip replaces the limited and bug-ridden built-in IIS 5 compression on Windows 2000 servers with safe compression, full configuration tuning, reporting, and solid browser compatibility.

With the launch of Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6.0, Microsoft improved built-in compression dramatically, and Port80's ZipEnable 2.0 is the only user-friendly configuration tool available for Microsoft's native compression (http://www.microsoft.com/iis/compression). ZipEnable allows for fine-grained management of IIS 6.0 compression and provides a number of missing features such as browser compatibility checking.

Designed for Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003, httpZip accelerates Web sites, saves bandwidth for $299.95 per physical server, and includes a free copy of ZipEnable. For the budget conscious, ZipEnable can be purchased separately for Windows Server 2003 for $79.95. Free 30-day trial downloads, multi-server discounts, and Port80 Software's Fortune 1000 Web site surveys are available here.