Port80 Software Announces CacheRight 4.0
with IIS 7.0 and 64 bit Compatibility

San Diego, CA - October 22, 2009 - Port80 Software, Inc., a developer of Web server tools for Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), announces announces a major version upgrade of its powerful cache control management tool, CacheRight 4.0.

With CacheRight administrators have the ability to control all caching rules easily within a single text file, enabling the caching of slow-to-download objects like images, PDFs, and multimedia files. CacheRight is a user friendly tool with ISAPI compatibility that supports all relevant HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 cache control headers, including Expires and Cache-Control.


  • Increased visitor retention with reduced page load times
  • Improved site performance by eliminating unnecessary server requests
  • Notable savings on bandwidth consumption
  • Decrease complexity of deploying & delegating cache control


  • 32/64 bit and IIS 7 support
  • Single text file management
  • No MMC access requirement
  • Cache control header support
  • Easy rule statements

Port80�s independent testing shows that an image cached without proper cache control headers can take up to 0.5 seconds to be verified by an origin server - multiply this lag by the number of images on a page, and your users could be waiting a very long time indeed. By using a tool such as CacheRight you will be able to eliminate excessive conditional GET requests and 304 responses, dramatically speeding up page load times for return visitors.

CacheRight 4.0 is currently available at $199.95 per copy.