Port80 Software Announces LinkDeny 2.2
with IIS 7.0 Compatibility

San Diego, CA - October 2, 2009 - Port80 Software, Inc., a developer of Web server tools for Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), announces an important compatibility version upgrade of its powerful anti-hotlinking tool, LinkDeny 2.2.

LinkDeny provides administrators with the power to control access to Website content, and the ability to ensure site bandwidth is available only to legitimate users. The flexible, rules-based system of LinkDeny allows you to use a wide variety of criteria to deny access to content resources, making LinkDeny a powerful security tool for Microsoft IIS Web site administrators.

LinkDeny enables administrators the ability to block country-level and targeted site access, and control access to copyrighted files, images and content. With LinkDeny's intelligent logging feature you are able to see and block attempts at unauthorized access to Web resources.


  • Control access to your Web site content
  • Control user experience by redirecting dead links for better SEO management
  • Reduce fraud by ensuring legitimate referrals
  • Block access to content by country and region
  • Block downloads by IP, referring URL, & more


  • 32/64 bit and IIS 7 support
  • Allow or Deny access to specific URL paths or MIME types of files
  • XML-based Rule Templates
  • Full logging functionality and intercepted requests
  • Multiple management interface options
  • No server bounce required for configuration changes

LinkDeny 2.2 is currently available at $199.95 per copy.