IIS Outserves Apache on Fortune 1000 Web Sites
while ASP.NET Deployments Grow

Microsoft's Upcoming Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7
Should Eclipse IIS 6 among Fortune 1000 Web Sites by 2011

SAN DIEGO, Calif., -- August 16, 2007 — Since 2003, Port80 Software has periodically surveyed the public sites of Fortune 1000 companies to determine their use of Web and application hosting technologies. In a survey released today, the Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0 Web server (IIS 6) gained 9.5% since August 2006 and passed IIS 5 to lead the survey for the first time, outserving the open source Apache server and all other Web servers among Fortune 1000 sites. Overall, IIS 4, 5, 6, and 7 deployments continue a four year lead in the survey with a combined 55.0% share of all Fortune 1000 corporate sites versus Apache's 24.9% share.

In a related Port80 Software survey, Microsoft ASP.NET and ASP application server environments are currently used on 51.5% of Fortune 1000 sites, an increase of 7.9% since 2005. Other application servers like Java platforms (J2EE, JSP, WebLogic, WebSphere, and Tomcat), PHP, and ColdFusion all combined to account for 24.0% of Fortune 1000 site deployments. Heavier use of ASP.NET among Fortune 1000 sites is to be expected, given the prevalence of Microsoft IIS on the same sites.

Much has changed since 2003, when Apache's dominance was relatively unquestioned in the industry. "While Netcraft's recent surveys demonstrate the rise of Microsoft's Internet Information Services across the Internet at large, Port80 Software continues to see IIS beating Apache among leading U.S. enterprise companies," Joseph Lima, Director of Product Development at Port80 Software. "Having analyzed Fortune 1000 Web sites for years now, we estimate that IIS 6 penetration will continue unabated while IIS 5/Windows 2000 servers are decommissioned, with a few Apache defections along the way. If the trend from previous surveys holds, IIS 7 should be the dominant Web server for Fortune 1000 sites by 2011."

Port80 Software will offer IIS 7-compatible versions of its products by early 2008 to leverage the new extensibility model in IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008, the upcoming new server OS from Microsoft previously codenamed "Longhorn." While known for its Web performance products, Port80 also augments IIS security with its ServerMask™ and LinkDeny™ tools for less than $200 per server. Port80's upcoming ServerDefender™ Web application firewalls will also add crucial protection against damaging Web hacker attacks often reported by security organizations like SANS Institute, OWASP, and more security.

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