New Survey Finds Fortune 1000 Web Sites Waste Millions Annually on Bandwidth by Not Leveraging HTTP Compression

Port80 Software Reveals Only 2.9% of Fortune 1000 Sites Use Widely Available HTTP Compression Technologies

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - July 23, 2003 — A new survey of Fortune 1000 corporate Web sites conducted by Port80 Software, Inc., a developer of software to secure, accelerate and customize Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), reports that only 29 of the top 1000 corporations' sites use HTTP compression. This new study illustrates the opportunity for all companies to leverage standards-based HTTP compression technologies for their Web sites and applications, reducing bandwidth bills, speeding up file delivery and serving more users with existing resources.

The top five Fortune 1000 sites not using HTTP compression include:

Company Targets Analyzed Possible Bytes Saved With Compression Possible Percentage Saved with Comression Possible Transfer Speed Improvement
Intel 38,730 82% 5.5x
Dillards 77,192 80% 4.9x
RPM International 16,571 79% 4.8x

The top five Fortune 1000 sites using HTTP compression include:

Company Targets Analyzed Bytes Saved With Compression Percentage Saved with Comression Transfer Speed Improvement
Hilton Hotels 102,040 54% 2.2x
Insight Enterprise 53,575 52% 2.1x
North Western Mutual www.northwestern
55,246 51% 2.0x
Progressive 42,221 44% 1.8x


"Although it is difficult to calculate exact savings across all Fortune 1000 sites, the value of HTTP compression is clear. And with bandwidth bills in the thousands or tens-of-thousands of dollars a month, it is surprising that more Fortune 1000s do not use compression," said Joseph Lima, COO of Port80 Software. "For perspective, if all Fortune 1000 sites used compression, the aggregate savings would be 20 times greater than at present, and the average site would save over 25% on bandwidth bills."

Standardized in HTTP 1.0 since 1996 and supported in all browsers released in the last five years (Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape versions 4 and above), HTTP compression reduces network bandwidth, optimizes download time and improves end-user performance.

Port80 Software offers monthly surveys investigating how the world's largest companies use Web server and development technologies. To review an update of the popular Port80 Web Servers Survey and the new Compression Survey, including archived reports, methodology and a tool to check any company's Web server compression, please visit /surveys.