Port80 Software Announces httpZip 4.0
with Expanded Hardware & OS Compatibility

Port80 Software has announced the release of httpZip 4.0, the newest version of its popular HTTP compression tool for IIS, with this major upgrade httpZip now adds support for all versions of Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 (IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5) as well as 64-bit editions of all Windows Server platforms, while continuing to provide advanced control of IIS compression.

"We're very excited about the new remote management capabilities and powerful configuration profiles that we've added in this version," said Joe Lima, Director of Product Development. "I am confident that this is the best, and most capable, HTTP compression tool that we have offered."

For IIS servers dealing with timed out pages or slow connection speeds, HTTP compression solves common server performance issues by sending less data to the browser in every response, speeding up applications while reducing bandwidth. httpZip addresses one of the most common handicaps of an e-commerce Web site: slow page download times that can quickly lead to user abandonment.

With httpZip a standard Gzip or Deflate encoding method is applied to the payload of an HTTP response, significantly compressing the resource before it is transported across the Web. The resulting improvement in page load times can be dramatic, especially for users with slower connections. While some organizations have been slow to take advantage of this standards based acceleration technology for fear that it will prove too complex or difficult to manage, httpZip removes these barriers with powerful, easy-to-use configuration options and Web-based reporting.


  • Reduce files by an average of 30 to 60%
  • Receive flawless content compression & decompression results
  • Speed up page loads and cut bandwidth costs
  • Minimize bandwidth utilization and increase visitor retention
  • See smaller web transfer payloads & improved performance
  • Prevent compatibility issues with browsers and proxies
  • Shrink PDF, PNG, Bitmap, ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and more


  • NEW 64-bit compatible
  • NEW Server 2008 (IIS 7.0) & Server 2008 R2 (IIS 7.5) compatible
  • NEW IIS Manager UI (Server 2008 versions)
  • NEW Support for 32-bit application pools on 64-bit versions of IIS 7.x
  • Advanced granular level file compression management
  • Compression by MIME type and In-page compression directives
  • Real-time browser compatibility checking
  • Intuitive Web-based reporting

Pricing and Availability

httpZip 4.0 is currently available at $349.95 per server.

Already an httpZip customer? Contact us to request your major version upgrade discount. To receive a special quote for 3 or more servers please request a quote.