New Survey Finds Fortune 1000 Companies Firmly Entrenched In Microsoft Web Server Technology

Port80 Software Shows Microsoft's Software Currently Serves 54% of Top 1000 Corporate Web Sites Versus Apache's 18% Market Share

SAN DIEGO, Calif., - January 21, 2003 — A new survey of Fortune 1000 corporate Web sites conducted by Port80 Software, Inc., an innovative developer of software modules for Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), reports that Microsoft IIS commands a strong 54% market share in the race for corporate Web server dominance. Microsoft's lead among the Fortune 1000 casts a different light on the popular Netcraft Web Server Survey, which typically shows a total 60% market share for the Apache Web server and 26-30% market share for Microsoft IIS.

Microsoft IIS, widely criticized for security and scalability issues, faced a perception of declining market share during the past few years. This belief has been furthered by the Netcraft Survey, which reviews every detectable domain name on the Internet to generate its Web server statistics.

"Hosting vendors using Apache to serve numerous small sites bump up Netcraft's numbers in Apache's favor," said Chris Neppes, Director of Sales and Marketing for Port80 Software. "Netcraft's survey reflects a relatively high ratio of domains to Apache servers. If you look at dedicated hosting or corporate environments however, Apache's market share is likely much smaller. Port80's survey results indicate that Microsoft IIS is the Web server of choice for the world's largest companies. We have found that Fortune 1000s have the resources and in-house expertise to tailor IIS to fit their needs."

Port80 Software's survey of Fortune 1000 corporate Web server market share shows:

    Microsoft IIS: 54.1%
    Netscape Enterprise: 21.0%
    Apache: 17.6%
    Other Web servers: 7.3%


For additional details on Port 80 Software's survey methodology and a tool that checks each company's Web server type in real-time, visit top1000webservers.

The Netcraft Web Server survey is available at