New Release: ServerMask Version 4 with 64-bit Support

ServerMask version 4 defeats hackers by blocking recon efforts,
cloaking details about platform & applications

San Diego, California, January 8, 2008 — Port80 Software, Inc., an expert in Microsoft IIS security and performance enhancements, announces the general availability of ServerMask v 4.0.

ServerMask allows site administrators to remove or customize responses, preventing data leakage for PCI compliance. Operating within Microsoft IIS, ServerMask 4 actively blocks hackers from inspecting headers, cookies, and error responses.

"This capability is critical because 40% of all network traffic is estimated to be hacker reconnaissance efforts," said Joe Lima, Director of Product Development for Port80 Software. "Like it or not, hackers are inspecting every detail you give them. ServerMask removes the information they are after or provides misinformation instead."

Brett Hill, Microsoft IIS MVP and author of says, "Port80 Software's ServerMask is clearly the best solution yet produced for managing IIS HTTP headers."

Key Features of ServerMask 4

The fourth generation of ServerMask contains numerous improvements including:

  • Application layer error suppression for PCI compliance
  • Customizable HTTP error messages, per site and directory
  • One-to-many masking and decoy session cookies, with auto-generated decoys
  • Enhanced emulation of non-IIS ETAG formats
ServerMask continutes to offer:

  • Ability to remove, change or randomize the default IIS Server header
  • Support for serving files without identifying file extensions (such as .aspx)
  • Emulation of non-IIS HTTP header order and ALLOW header format
ServerMask 4 also provides significant configurability and compatibility improvements:

  • Support for 64-bit Windows (Server 2003)
  • IP address white listing
  • Multiple pre-configured default profiles (hide, emulate, randomize)
  • Granular settings with the ability to customize any profile in detail
  • The ability to apply different profiles to individual sites or groups of sites
  • A completely redesigned, 100% managed code user interface

Pricing and Availability
ServerMask is currently available at $199.95 per copy.
For more information, visit: