Low-Cost, High-Impact HTTP and Microsoft IIS Web Solutions

Founded in 2002, Port80 Software develops solutions to enhance the security and performance characteristics of Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server. At Port80, we are 100% focused on making IIS Web sites and applications safer and faster.

For years, we admired the enhanced HTTP functionality taken for granted in the Open Source world with the Apache Web server and its plethora of handy "mods". For a long time there was nothing comparable in the IIS world. Port80 Software was originally created to close that gap.

Over time, as the Microsoft and the IIS community got busy making IIS modules more widely available, we began to specialize around our core Web competencies. Today, Port80 Software's cost-effective IIS tools power HTTP best practices for thousands of clients in two key functional areas:

  • Security — Tell little, trust even less, and thwart Web hacker attacks.
  • Performance — Send less data, less often, to accelerate Web sites and applications.

The Port80 Software family of security and performance tools for IIS now includes seven different products, ranging in price from $199.95 to $1495.95 U.S. per single server license, with discounts for multi-server licenses. All products are available in free 30-day trial versions.

Port80 partners with Web design agencies, integrators, hosting vendors, companies with Web-based software and hardware products, and various service providers -- with a focus on augmenting and securing IIS-based solutions.

IIS Mechanics is the services division of Port80 Software, providing custom ISAPI filter software development and Microsoft IIS tuning services for security and performance. Our in-house developers and admins will tune or extend the functionality of IIS Web servers to your specifications or get your servers tuned for maximum security and performance.

Why are we called Port80 Software? Well, 80 happens to be the default port number where a Web server listens for HTTP requests. Since our solutions secure and accelerate HTTP traffic for the leading enterprise Web server, Microsoft IIS, the name seemed like natural fit.

For additional information on the company, product updates, partnerships and more, contact or e-mail us.

Port80 Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner (with an ISV or Independent Software Vendor competency) located in San Diego, California.