Improved Web Performance. Advanced compression for your apps.

For Faster Page Loads & Bandwidth Savings.

Reducing file size is the best way to speed your Web content. HTTP compression allows content to be served up to 50 times faster while reducing bandwidth costs. httpZip compresses content to as little as 2% of original size with flawless decompression ensured by real-time browser compatibility checking.

Better Control Over Your File Compression

httpZip offers more robust and user-friendly compression controls over native IIS compression.

Faster Websites

Faster page loads make for happy users. Ensure your users are never stuck waiting for a page load.

HTML Optimization

Advanced HTML and CSS code optimization further improves performance and combats hackers' source sifting.

Reduce Bandwidth Costs

Faster page loads reduced bandwidth costs, and allow servers to can handle more throughput.

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  • Ecommerce
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Compress Whatever Files You Use - Static or Dynamic

httpZip provides compression for any type of Web server response through the application of GZip or Deflate compression encoding. Plus it compresses a number of file types - both static and dynamic.

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Compression Features

HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) compression for Microsoft IIS Web servers

httpZip provides compression for any type of Web server response through the application of GZip or Deflate compression encoding.

Static Compression

Common static compression candidates include: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Microsoft Office documents, text files (or any type you like).

Dynamic Compression

Common dynamic candidates include: ASP, ASP.NET (including the ASP.NET AJAX framework), ColdFusion, PHP, Perl, JSP (or any type you like).

Image Compression

httpZip supports image compression candidates such as: PDF, PNG and Bitmap files (or any type you like).

30 - 60% Average Reduction in File Size

A 30-60% average file size reduction (2.5 times faster) and as high as 98% reduction (50 times faster) in file size.

Optional Extra Compression

httpZip allows for more than 10% extra compression with optional HTML and CSS code optimization.

Bandwidth Utilization

httpZip decreases bandwidth utilization by up to 60% while boosting user capacity by as much as 20%.

Optimized Request Handling

Better CPU and memory utilization to make the most efficient use of Web server resources for improved throughput and stability.

Granular Compression Control

Global or by-site compression with fully customizable rules, overrides, and exclusions by MIME type, browser, file extension, file size, directory, file name, HTTP 1.0 user agent, and HTTP 1.1 proxies.

Streaming & Chunked Transfer Encoding

Reliably compress streamed and chunked responses for faster Time to First Byte and perceived page load time (buffer/no-buffer control).

ISAPI Compatibility

Implemented as super-fast ISAPI filter including Ajax compression optimization.

Simple User Interface

Compression easy to deploy and manage with a GUI, tab-based Settings Manager accessible via the Start menu and a COM interface for programmatic control of basic compression settings. Also, Web-based reporting with in-memory logging for fast, secure, and accurate tracking of compression and bandwidth savings by site. Restrict browsing to Web-based httpZip reports by IP address to avoid unauthorized access.

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System Requirements

  • IIS 7.5 / Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1
  • IIS 7 / Server 2008 with Service Pack 2
  • IIS 6 / Server 2003 (all editions) with Service Pack 2

Compatible hardware:

  • x86 (32-bit)
  • x64 (64-bit)

The following runtimes are also required but can be installed by the httpZip installer if not already present on the target system:


  • IIS 5.0 Isolation (compatibility) Mode on IIS 6.0 / Server 2003 is not supported.
  • For IIS 7.x / Server 2008 installations, the following IIS Role Service must be installed:
    • ISAPI Filters

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