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Capture user errors and quality assurance mistakes by fixing broken & mistyped links automatically.

URLSpellCheck 2.0 for IIS 4/5/6

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URL redirection based on spelling solves often invisible end user experience and performance issues. Mistyped URLs and links often go unnoticed by developers, administrators and site owners, yet these typo errors harm user experience, damage a company's online brand, and lead to untracked lost sales. For business Web application users, spelling mistakes in URLs translate to lost revenues and reduced productivity. URLSpellCheck eliminates common URL spelling errors automatically and unobtrusively to provide a better user experience on your Web site or application.

Did your user really mean, but they just forgot the 's' at the end? Now, it doesn't matter. Use URLSpellCheck to fix small typos such as missing characters, transposed characters, wrong characters, and extra characters very easily and redirect users to the correct URL, avoiding annoying 404 error pages. Complex matches substituting file names such as filename.htm to filename.asp are also possible with URLSpellCheck, allowing developers to switch site technologies quickly without manual redirects. When multiple matches for a URL are possible, a template showing users the various probable pages is provided. You can even map file names without extensions to their correct pages, allowing for very clean and easy-to-remember deep URLs in your marketing materials. URLSpellCheck also tracks common typos in a log file so you can figure out where to add permanent redirects or change page names in your site.

Best of all, URLSpellCheck doesn't require major configuration or monitoring. A simple two minute installation and configuration, and you've improved your site with a better user experience. So don't delay -- wipe out URL spelling errors today!


  • Reduce broken links on the fly by fixing common URL spelling problems and typos
  • Fewer 404 errors enhance user experience and can increase site retention by over 50%
  • Keep business users on track by recovering faster from URL errors
  • Multimatch and error templates can be fully customized to integrate with Web site design
  • Full logging of typos shows the mistakes that users make, allowing developers to design for these contingencies


  • A URLSpellCheck site automatically corrects common spelling issues in URLs:
      (extra character) [demo]
      (transposed characters) [demo]
      (wrong character) [demo]
      (missing character) [demo]
  • Change file extensions transparently:
    • index.html can become index.asp if you allow it
  • For easy-to-remember URLs, requests with no extension are corrected without IIS directory administration:
    • -> [demo]
  • Allows multiple matches when a typo matches numerous files in the same directory [demo]
  • Full logging of typos in text file
  • Compatible with ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PHP, Perl, and JSP application environments running with IIS
  • Supports multiple virtual servers
  • Super fast ISAPI filter
  • Enhanced GUI interface makes URL spellchecking easy to configure
  • Simple to install/uninstall

System Requirements

  • IIS 6.0 / Windows Server 2003 (all x86-32 Bit versions; sign up for the x86-64 Bit Beta Alert)
  • IIS 5.1 / Windows XP (not recommended for production use)
  • IIS 5 / Windows 2000
  • IIS 4 / Windows NT
  • Note: IIS 7 / Windows Server 2008 not yet supported (sign up for the IIS 7 Beta Alert)

Port80 Software stands behind our products 100%. Given the nature of Web server utilities, various environments and third party applications may cause new and unforeseen conflicts. Therefore, Port80 pledges to work with you to ensure our products run in all testing and production environments - if you work with us, we will work with you to make your IIS Web server safer, faster and friendlier.